Beyond the Sunset: A Travel Memoir Vol. 2

Price: $24.95


Volume 2: Expanding My Horizons

Sherry Knowlton, 2022, Sunbury Press

ISBN 9781620069172  $24.95  178 pages, Soft Cover

Patagonia, Uganda, and places far beyond; How a bookworm turned flower child turned healthcare executive found joy in traveling the world.

Structured in a series of essays and anecdotes, this memoir tells the story of a small-town Pennsylvania girl who stretched her horizons, tested her limits, and traveled all over the globe.

This second of two volumes continues to follow author Sherry Knowlton and her husband, Mike, as they journey all over the globe, driven by a love of wild animals, wild places, and a thirst for new experiences. Sherry and Mike are beckoned to Africa again and again but sample many destinations throughout six continents.

These essays address topics as diverse as local markets, incredible animal encounters, natural wonders, and intriguing people met along the way. They also include practical travel tips gained through firsthand experience.

Augmented by stunning photos by Knowlton and her husband, Beyond the Sunset is a love letter to all those explorers with a nine-to-five job and a zest for travel.