Twentieth Century Thoughts Carlisle: The Past Hundred Years

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Ann Kramer Hoffer, Cumberland County Historical Society 2001

ISBN 0-9638923-8-X $29.95 202 pages, Paper Back

A wonderful collection of historical sketches, anecdotes, insights, facts, figures, and photographic images, this book presents the evolution of Carlisle from a small, rural town at the beginning of the century to an urbanized and modernized community by the close of the 1900s. Written in clear and incisive prose, it is not the traditional historical approach, but rather selective personal interpretations of information gleaned from many sources and interviews gathered over the years. From this effort to prevent the “loss of current history” arises a unique and fascinating look at the progress of one town over the past hundred years and a tribute to the spirit of the people –The “Old Carlislers”

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