The Sleeping Car Porters

Cumberland County Historical Society 21 N. Pitt Street, Carlisle, PA

The men and women who worked as porters for the Pullman Car Company on the Pennsylvania Railroad have an extraordinary history in both the labor movement and the civil rights movement. Starting as freed slaves and developing by the 1920’s into a militant union, the history of the porters is rich and exciting. This discussion […]

First Ladies: More Than a Dress

Since 1912, tourists have flocked to the Smithsonian to see the gowns of our First Ladies. By the 1960s, moved to larger quarters in what eventually became the National Museum of American History, the First Ladies exhibit included White House china and personal accessories, although the gowns remained the centerpiece of interest. But over time […]

19th Century Black Fashion History Through Photographs

The culture of fashion in the nineteenth century represents a completely different world when compared with today’s attitudes towards dress and individuality. Within this context, photos of African Americans from the invention of the daguerreotype in 1839 through the end of World War I present fascinating opportunities to study African Americans’ self-fashioning. When the sitters’ […]

New Findings About the History of the Carlisle Indian School

After a decade of locating, scanning, describing and sharing thousands of pages of Indian School records, what do we know now that we didn’t know before. Carlisle Indian School Digital Resource Center Co-Director Jim Gerencser and Indian School researcher Kate Theimer will share what we've learned and explain how the new knowledge fits into our old […]

Tracks Through Time in Cumberland County

This program sets the stage for our upcoming exhibit on the railroads of Cumberland County Pennsylvania from 1831 to the present.  It will provide an overview of when each section of railroad was built in the county, why it was constructed and its status up to the present time.  The talk will focus on the […]