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  • Keep CCHS’ museum free and open to the public
  • Preserve our significant collection of historic documents, photographs, and artifacts
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  • Provide historical research support and services
  • Offer meaningful, low-cost or free educational programs and events for adults and children
  • Provide outreach and community involvement with history and storytelling

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Volunteer Opportunities

CCHS strives to align volunteer opportunities with current Society needs and initiatives. We find this makes volunteering more purposeful and meaningful for all involved. We also understand that many volunteers lead busy lives and that a rigid volunteer schedule is not always practical for the volunteer. Therefore, keep in mind that getting started with regular volunteer work at CCHS might take some time and experimentation!

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Internships at CCHS 

Local history is replete with events, people, places, and objects that helped shape not only local Cumberland County history but also the history of our state and nation. Understanding and appreciating our past can help us understand the world we live in today. When people walk through the doors at CCHS, they are provided an important link to the past. They encounter artifacts and documents that tell the stories of evolving lives, a changing world, and the ideas and dreams that shaped our country.

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