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Barnitz Remembrances by Ron Brehm

Black Freedom-Making in the Early National Cumberland Valley by Dr. Cory Young

Historians’ Well-Being: Preserving the Past While Nurturing the Self by John Heckman aka the Tattooed Historian


Central Pennsylvania’s Railroads as Strategic Targets During the Civil War by Dane DiFebo

Schoeppe Murder Trial by Mark Podvia

Ross Braught: Man of Imagination by Roland Sabates

Targeted Tracks: The Cumberland Valley Railroad in the Civil War by Scott Mingus

The I Knew George Washington Series by Jeffrey Finnegan Sr.

Life on the Rails: the Story of a CVRR Engineer by Kevin Talhelm

World War II Memories – The Book Series Part 2 by Joe D. Cress

Playing in the Past: History and Digital Gaming by John Heckman aka the Tattooed Historian

Holly Heroines: Stories Seldom Told

Celebrating Mt. Holly Springs’ Anniversary by Jim Burgess

Tracks Through Time in Cumberland County by Randy Watts

Oh the Stories They Tell – The story of the Mt. Tabor AME Zion Church in Mt. Holly by Carmen James

Sleeping Car Porters by Bill Barry


Henry’s Valley, A Storied Place by Jerry Clouse

The Imperial Gridiron: Manhood, “Civilization,” and football at the Carlisle Indian School by Dr. John Bloom

Night with the Babe by Mike Gibbons

Murder Most Foul by Joseph David Cress

Path Lit by Lightning: The Life of Jim Thorpe by David Maraniss

2022 Annual Meeting

Project 61 – 6th Annual R. C. Reed Architecture Lecture by David L. Smith

Fierce Valor: The True Story of Ronald Speirs and His Band of Brothers by Jared Frederick

The National Guard of Pennsylvania & Gobin Guard of Carlisle by the NGP History Project

Pasadena Paranormal Investigation of the Odd Fellows Building

The Realities and Advances in Civil War Medicine, Surgery, and the Ambulance Corps by Jim Richards

Lesser-Known Paper Mills of Cumberland County by Randy Watts

The North End A’s by Paul Hoch

Paper Mills of Mt. Holly by Randy Watts

Remembering Agnes: A Panel Discussion on the Local and Regional Flooding of June of 1972

World War II Memories – The Book Series by Joe D. Cress

Jim and Mary Bradley Celebration of Life – Iron Horse Rambles Talk by George Johnson

The Quartz Crystal Industry in Cumberland County, PA by Randy Watts

The Real (Boring) Mill Story by Randy Watts

The Carlisle Fencibles by Randy Watts


Architecture is About Ideas by John P. Reed

Remembering Lost Cumberland County by David Smith

Frederick Watts and the Founding of Penn State by Roger L. Williams

The ABCs of Cumberland County Series


Horse Heads as Charms: Myths and Legends of Cumberland County PA

Stan Jones the Legacy of Sports in Cumberland County, PA

Ft. Morris & the Frontier

The Altar Chairs and the story of the Mt Tabor AMEZ Church

Museums as storytellers: Intro to How Curation Works

Family Discords in the Revolutionary War


The Town Shut Down: 1918 Flu Epidemic

Architect and Client: Shaping the Look of 20th Century Buildings

Learning from Forgotten Stories

Images of America Mechanicsburg by Beverley Bone

Daniel Drawbaugh by Charles Stone

How History Shapes our Experiences

Virtual Tour of Mt. Tabor AME Zion Church by Lindsay Varner and Carmen James

Reconnecting the Histories of our Community

The Idea of Race as a Political Strategy: Examples from American History by Jacqueline Jones

Camp Michaux Update by David Smith

Carlisle Indian School Outings in Boiling Springs PA by Barbara Landis


Reading the Photographs of the Carlisle Indian School by Kate Theimer

Telling Difficult Stories Part 1 by Cara Curtis and Dr. Lindsay Varner

Taverns: “Entertainment for Man and Beast” by Merri Lou Schaumann

Hospitals, Hygiene and Healthcare: A History of Medicine at the Carlisle Indian Industrial School, 1879-1918 by Frank Vitale IV

Weapons & Gear at the Time of the Whiskey Rebellion, 1794 by Tad Miller

Slavery for Life or Otherwise: South Central Pennsylvania’s Enslaved and Slaveholding Families in the Age of Gradual Abolition, 1780-1847 by Cory James Young

Historic Barns of Southeastern Pennsylvania by Greg Huber

Highlights of the Jim Bradley Photograph Collection by Richard Tritt

Philadelphia’s Newest Gem: The Museum of the American Revolution by Matthew Skic

Carlisle Indian School Outings in Wellsville, Pa by Barbara Landis & Merri Lou Schaumann

The Captivity Narrative: The Stories of the McCullough & Lowry Families – Presented by Tad Miller


Alexander Logan, Early Settler – Presented by Linda Gilmore

Charcoal Hearths, Collier Huts, and Haul Roads: Traces of the Iron Industry across South Mountain – Presented by Andre Weltman

Cumberland Railway – Newville Trolley – Presented by Randy Watts

Carlisle and Mount Holly Trolley – Presented by Randy Watts

2nd Annual Richard C. Reed Contemporary Architecture Lecture – Presented by John P. Reed

Carlisle Indian Industrial School Virtual Tour – Presented by Barbara Landis

Women and Women’s Groups of Cumberland County in World War I presented by Sandy Mader

Lenore Embick Flower presented by Dawn Flower-Webb and Lenore R. Flower

African-American Troops from Cumberland County in World War I presented by Stephanie Jirard

Monuments, Men, and Memory presented by Dr. Steven Burg

The Centenary of US Entry into World War I with Special Focus on the Service of Volunteer Fire Companies presented by Randy Watts

Railroads of Lemoyne presented by Randy Watts


Poetry Reading by Mary Anne Morefield

Mid-Century, Middle Class, and Modern presented by Wendy Pires

The Park Before the Park presented by Dr. Andre Weltman

Carlisle Indian School Outings along the Railroad, Carlisle to Gettysburg presented by Barbara Landis

Wednesdays in Winter


Mills of Cumberland County – 2015 Cumberland County Historical Society Exhibit Opening presented by from Richard Tritt, CCHS Photo Curator and Dr. Dorothy Merritts of Franklin and Marshall College.

Shared Histories of African Americans and Native Americans in Cumberland County presented by Sandy Mader

Wednesdays in Winter


Carlisle Journeys: American Indians in Show Business


Millicent Line Kitzmiller presented by Sandy Mader


Cumberland County, PA Serviceman Who Died in Vietnam by Wayne Motts

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