History-POPS! (Projects-Outreach-Publications-Scholarships) Program Overview

About History-POPS! Program 

In 2015, the CCHS Board of Trustees approved a plan to create a funding program for small history-related organizational initiatives and scholarships in Cumberland County. 

Utilizing a percentage of proceeds from the CCHS Annual Golf Classic fundraiser, the History-POPS! program began in 2017 and continues today. 

Applications are available for projects, outreach, and publications ranging from $250-$1,500. Student scholarships are awarded at the $500 and $1,000 levels.

You can find more information about the History-POPS! awards here.

History-POPS! applications can be downloaded here.

Projects, Outreach and Publications Award Amount:

$250 – $1,500

Eligibility for Projects, Outreach, and Publications include:

  • Located in Cumberland County, PA, for at least 50% of your time to undertake the project, outreach or research for a publication.
  • A nonprofit or governmental enterprise (Individuals will be considered at the discretion of the Awards Committee).
  • Submitting an application that directly involves Cumberland County, PA, history.
  • An endeavor that demonstrates tangible community impact, relevance, and historical importance.
  • An endeavor that can be completed within one calendar year of notice of award.

For Projects, Outreach and Publications keep in mind:

  • Projects, Outreach and Publications awards are chosen based on merit and determined by the Society’s Awards & Scholarships Committee which meets regularly throughout the year. Applications that closely align with the mission of CCHS will be ranked higher than those that do not. When applying, keep in mind that the end goal should be to promote Cumberland County history and make the county’s history more accessible to diverse audiences. The more this can be demonstrated, the better chance for success.
  • Projects, Outreach and Publications awards often require planning and design documentation and this should be submitted with the application, but CCHS does not fund costs associated with planning and design. Awards focus on costs related to production and outcomes.
  • CCHS will not typically award funds back-to-back to successful applicants.
  • Projects, Outreach, and Publications applicants should reference CCHS when marketing their initiative, and CCHS asks that the CCHS logo be included in outreach marketing and advertising materials. Please request the CCHS logo by emailing info@historicalsociety.com. The phrase “a Cumberland County Historical Society History-POPS! supported initiative” should accompany the logo where appropriate.
  • Be sure to contact the CVVB’s Seasonal Application Program (SNAP) coordinator Ashley Kurtz as advertising, brochure printing, and signage manufacturing may qualify for a SNAP match! More information can be found at https://www.visitcumberlandvalley.com/newsroom/tourism-funding/snap/

History-POPS! applications can be downloaded here.

Scholarships Award Amount:

$500 and $1,000 levels

Eligibility for the Scholarships include:

  • College undergraduate or graduate students working on any aspect of Cumberland County, PA, history.
  • High school senior students receiving a diploma in Cumberland County, PA, within the application year and college or university registered.
  • A student in good standing at school and in their community.
  • Deeply interested in the subject of history and capable of demonstrating this conclusively in the application essay.
  • Willing to meet for a short interview at CCHS if a scholarship applicant finalist.

For Scholarship Student Applicants keep in mind:

  • Scholarship winners are asked to reference CCHS in any press releases and are required to attend at least one free CCHS event for a photo opportunity.
  • For undergraduate and graduate students, visual presentations, such as conferences or displays, will display the CCHS logo.
  • Scholarship winner essays and photoshoot will be posted on the CCHS blog. (Arrangements can be made with the Community Outreach Department).
  • Repeat scholarships for the same student are not available.
  • Students do not necessarily need to be history “majors” to receive a scholarship, but an interest in history and its impact on the student’s educational pursuits is important to demonstrate in the essay.

History-POPS! applications can be downloaded here.

Timeline for History-POPS! Program

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. 

Application review periods: 

  • Early Feb for applications received from Oct 1st – Jan 31st
  • Early June for applications received from Feb. 1st – May 31st
  • Early Oct for applications received from June 1st – Sept. 30th

Past Awardees


Cory Young for PhD dissertation titled “Slavery for Life or Otherwise”


Steven Campbell Scholarship request for Master thesis on Mt. Tabor AME Zion Church

Hope Station Neighbor Council for sponsorship of the Jim Washington Black History Festival

Carlisle Regional Performing Arts Center for historical documentary to showcase the Carlisle Theatre

Mount Holly Spring History Collaborative for Amelia Givin Library history project

Walnut Bottom Bi-centennial committee for 2 historical street marker signs celebrating 200 anniversary of Walnut Bottom & printing of a 200+ page booklet.


Save The Sheepford Road Bridge for banner

Dickinson College/History Class for posters about the Carlisle Police Department’s history

Mt. Tabor Preservation Project for parking pad and walking path to the cemetery

Lincoln Cemetery Carlisle for historical plaque


New Cumberland Library for a New Cumberland Downtown Walking Tour


Mo Greiger for History and the Arts featuring Agriculture


Shippensburg Historical Society

Craighead House

Contact Cara Curtis, Archives and Library Director, at ccurtis@historicalsociety.com or 717-249-7610 with any questions about the History-POPS! program.