Ordering Photos

Personal, Educational, or Non-Commercial Uses

To order photographs for personal, educational, or another non-commercial use, please fill out our Photo Order Form or mail in a completed copy. See fee structure below for more information.

If you are not sure what photos you would like to order, please fill out our Photo Research Order Form or fill out and mail in a completed copy of the form.


Commercial Publication

The Society reserves the right to limit the number of duplicates in any order or to decline to make duplicates of any particular photograph, book or manuscript. Reproduction of purchased materials is forbidden without written permission from the Society. If you would like to publish a photo from the collection of the Cumberland County Historical Society please see our Photo Usage and Publication Fee page.

For more detailed information on our photo policies, see our Reproduction Policy.

Personal, Educational, or Non-Commercial Uses, Reproduction Fees

Paper Photocopies
  • Single side page is $.50 per copy
  • Double-sided page is $1.00 per copy
  • From Microfilm Reader is $.75 per copy
Digital images
  • Generated by the Society’s scanner
  • $15.00 per image (images are 300 dpi tiff).
  • Other formats and resolutions are available upon request.  Image is place on a CD-R or can be sent electronically.
Digital prints (glossy or matte)
  • Made on the Society’s printer
  • 5” x 7” – $10.00 per image
  • 8” x 10” – $15.00 per image
Artifact Photography
  • $25.00 per item, photos taken by CCHS staff.
Audio/Visual/Special Requests
  • Priced on a per request basis.
Shipping Fees

All mail orders must be pre-paid.  All orders requiring shipping will be sent first class via the U. S. Postal Service.  The fee for mailing an order will be $3.50.  Patrons desiring any special services such as express delivery, insurance, etc., shall pay the standard postal service rate for any such services.  Orders can be sent at the patron’s expense via FedEx or UPS, by providing the Society with the appropriate account number.  The Society is not responsible for orders lost or damaged in shipping.

Rush Service

Rush orders will be accepted based on outside contractor’s capabilities.  The charge for this service, when available, is 300% over the regular production fee.

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