Carlisle Car Shows

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Carlisle, Pennsylvania, for many years was a town on the edge of the frontier. Founded in 1751, it was the place to go through on the way west to new adventures. Later, in the mid-twentieth century the initial eastern terminus of the westbound Pennsylvania Turnpike, which opened in 1940, was located in Carlisle. Later the Turnpike was extended eastward to the New Jersey border. In the 1960s the longest north-south interstate highway in the country, I-81, was built around the edge of Carlisle, making the town a major hub of motorized transportation on the East Coast. It is located within a day’s truck drive of 80% of the population east of the Mississippi River. Beginning in 1974 it also became a center of a different kind, that of the car collectors’ world.

Since 1974 no matter where in the United States one travels, the mention of Carlisle nearly always elicits one of two responses – “Oh, that’s where Jim Thorpe was,” or “Oh, that’s where the car show is.” As memories fade, so does the recollection of Jim Thorpe. But the awareness of the car shows becomes stronger which each passing year. The reason behind that awareness is Carlisle Events, a company started in 1974 by two unrelated young men named Miller who had a profoundly deep common interest – cars. Having grown up in Carlisle, moving away for half a career, and moving back for the second half, I have long been intrigued by the Millers and their formula for success. This book follows their early relationship through forty years of growing the car show world in Carlisle. Beyond that the book is a collection of stories of people who loved their cars and brought them to Carlisle. There are many, many stories; not all could be included. You may find yourself or even a friend among its pages.

Table of Contents:

The Founders 1

The Beginning 7

Fall Carlisle 11

Spring Carlisle 21

Corvettes at Carlisle 29

Carlisle Import and Kit Nationals 47

Carlisle Chrysler Nationals 57

Carlisle Truck Nationals 71

Carlisle Ford Nationals 77

Carlisle Performance and Style 89

Carlisle GM Nationals 93

Long-time Vendors 103

Support 111