CCHS Volunteer Shorts: Yvonne Davidson

CCHS Volunteer Shorts: Yvonne Davidson


Blair Williams: I am here today with Yvonne Davidson for our volunteer short series. Yvonne I will start off with asking you what do you here at the Cumberland County Historical Society?

Yvonne Davidson: I work as a docent. A docent is a person who shows other persons through the museum. And talks to them about the objects they see in the museum.

BW: How long have you been a volunteer here?

YD: Well, I think it’s at least twenty years. Maybe a little longer.

BW: What made you interested in volunteering at the historical society?

YD: My husband started to work on genealogy and was coming into the historical society and they needed volunteers and I thought well I will volunteer.

BW: What is your favorite part?

YD: That is a hard question to answer. Everything is my favorite. I like the iron works, I like the wall of patriots, I like the map you see when you come in and talking about early days here in Cumberland County. And there are just so many interesting things it is hard for to tell you one that stands out. The Indian School of course people are interested in that.

BW: I know you have a story about the Schimmel Collection.

YD: Yes, yes.

BW: What is your favorite thing about volunteering? The people you meet, seeing all of the objects, what do you most enjoy about volunteering?

YD: Well, I do enjoy the people. And I enjoy sharing what I’ve learned with the people and I guess it is sort of the teacher in me coming out. I love groups, singles, and people who can spend the hour and a half and get the grand tour.

BW: Thank you so much for volunteering and for speaking with me today.

YD: All right.

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