Is this a muffin? This is under that category but it doesn’t sound like a muffin.

Maybe it’s a kind of flat donut? The recipe is as follows:

Beat 3 eggs, put in a little salt, add flour until thick, roll as thin as a knife blade and fry in hot lard. Serve with powdered sugar.

All right, you won’t get me again with the “add flour until…” trick. If this is to be rollable thin, I think we’re going for something like a pie crust. I’ve never made a pie crust with eggs in it, so who knows what will happen when these hit the fryer.

Welp, these have almost no ingredients and they taste like it too. I imagine fried pie crust would be tastier since it’s at least got some fat in the dough. The powdered sugar is carrying a lot of the weight here to make these snackable.

Some of the center ones had a little bit of puff to them, which was nice. Family review: “It’s fine.” and “I like the powdered sugar.” I rate these 1/5. If I’m going to the trouble and calories of frying something, I want it to be outstanding. These were just the poor man’s donut.

– Rachael Zuch of Zuch Design

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