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Save yOur Stuff

June 21, 2017

One of the highlights of the Cumberland County Historical Society’s lobby is the “Save yOur Stuff” exhibit. This exhibit focuses on the conservation of the county’s treasures that need professional intervention. To date some of the artifacts that have been conserved have been a Civil War drum carried by George Cropp, a doll which belonged to Ida M. Dewalt of Waggoner’s Gap, a necklace made at the Carlisle Indian Industrial School, and a clock made by the “Wizard of Eberly’s Mills”, Daniel Drawbaugh.

Right now the “Save yOur Stuff” exhibit is featuring a circa 1812 – 1835 handpainted canvas / oilcloth sign advertising Carlisle based pharmacist Dr. L. W. Foulk. It was donated to the Society in 1937 by Mr. S.M. Goodyear. The sign features a mortar and pestle with Dr. Foulk’s name featured in both English cursive and Germanic lettering.

The painting is currently tacked to a board and is not properly stretched or flattened, which is causing major undulation to the canvas. There is a puncture between the upper and lower words “Doctor” which would be repaired. Losses to the paint would be inpainted in a manner that would not detract from the piece.

The cost of conservation will be $2,650. To date we have raised $571. For a full condition report and to view the artifact, please visit the painting in the Society’s lobby. Every dollar counts!

Mary March, Collections Manager

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