A little over ten years ago I started running as a means of staying in shape while a student at Elizabethtown College. Since those early days, running has become something that has become ingrained in my schedule to the point where it is likely an addiction though; hopefully, one of the few that adds years instead of the stealing them.

The first race I participated in after starting here at the Cumberland County Historical Society was the Save the Church 5k at Willow Mill Park in Silver Spring Township. The race reminded me of how running can show you new places while also helping support causes including the preservation of a historic church in Hogestown. I’ve since run in that race three more times and have always found it to be a great introduction to Fall in the Cumberland Valley with the leaves just starting to turn and the creek flowing nearby on the first Saturday in October.

In 2019, I am hoping to run in my first Ironmaster’s Challenge which helps support the Central Pennsylvania Conservancy. And by run I likely mean hike/walk. And while I’ve been fortunate to visit the Michaux State Forest a number of times the benefit of “running” in the Ironmaster’s Challenge is I am sure I will be able to take in plenty of views and vistas that I would otherwise miss if I was just doing a normal hike.

Another race I hope to do this year is on the Cumberland Valley Rail to Trail with the TrailFest maybe serving as a warm up to the Ironmaster? Sometimes these races are just the push you need to get out of your routine and explore all of the beauty around you. I hope you will join me and some of the other CCHS staff at these events as we support some great organizations that are helping to share the stories of Cumberland County.

While these races are not yet posted you can find out more about them here:

CVRTC: and

Hogestown Heritage:

Ironmaster’s Challenge:


Blair Williams, Media Specialist

Image: Author in front of his finish time at the 5th Annual Save the Church 5k at Willow Mill Park.

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