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If you know the Photo ID enter it below. Alternatively include as complete a description of the photo as possible (ex. Tom Torlino Before and After Images.)

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For images that are not in the public domain and copyrighted by the Cumberland County Historical Society I agree to use these images for personal, education, or another non-commercial purpose. I understand that publication of the images is forbidden without written permission from the Cumberland County Historical Society.


If order contains multiple photo numbers and different size prints use the space below to specify how each photo should be printed.


8 x 11 ($15 per photo plus shipping and handling)



All orders billed to Pennsylvania include tax. If your organization is tax-exempt please contact Richard Tritt, Photo Curator, at 717-249-7610 or via email at to purchase photos.


If you need to purchase images for commercial use or publication contact Richard Tritt, Photo Curator at 717-249-7610 or via email at