World War II Memories: Sentimental Journeys

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World War II became their journey – their path to an adventure of a lifetime.

A refugee takes a perilous cruise. A soldier plays dead in the middle of a massacre. A flight engineer saves a bomber crew from disaster. In this salute to a fading generation, award-winning journalist Joseph David Cress presents a collection of World War II memories. Through its pages, you will experience the horrors of Buchenwald, the siege of Bastogne, the D-Day assault on Normandy, and the mad rush to intercept German tanks in North Africa. You’ll be there as eyewitnesses parachute into combat, rig a bridge for demolition, brave the fury of flak, play bingo with George Patton, and share a secret code between lovers. This book gives readers the flexibility of following the war stories of profiled individuals or to read those memories that pertain to particular topics of interest. The book includes a detailed index and chronology.

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