World War II Memories: Peril in the Pacific

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A teenage boy slowly starves to death in an internment camp. A jungle fighter prays for deliverance as he is dragged underwater.  A Marine nearly buried alive in the volcanic sand of Bloody Iwo. In this salute to a fading generation, award-winning journalist Joseph David Cress presents a collection of memories from eyewitnesses of World War II in the Pacific. Through its pages, you will experience the fury of the Kamikaze, a punishing attack by depth charges, a frantic escape from a sinking battleship, and a cross fire by nervous troops in the wake of Pearl Harbor.

World War II: Peril in the Pacific gives readers the flexibility of either following the war stories of each individual from start to finish or reading those memories that pertain to particular topics of interest. There is also a chronology that arranges the stories in the order in which the memories took place.

This is the second book in the World War II Memories Series. Get the first The Great Crusade in Europe here.

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