World War II Memories: The Great Crusade in Europe

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A paratrooper is left for dead among dying enemy soldiers. A medic survives captivity in Nazi Germany only to be liberated by the Russians. A recon scout draws gunfire to save GIs trapped on the Siegfried Line. In a salute to a fading generation, award-winning journalist Joseph David Cress presents a collection of memories from World War II veterans who marched across Europe into the heart of Hitler’s Third Reich.

Cress’ latest book chronicles the war stories of seven U.S. Army soldiers and one Army Air Force airman. All the veterans profiled were local to Cumberland County at the time they were interviewed but their stories reflect the broader picture of the war. Through its pages, readers will experience the drama of an emergency bailout over France, the relief of a near-miss by a buzz bomb and the paranoia of telling friend from foe during the Battle of the Bulge.

This is the first book in the World War II Memories Series. Get the second Peril in the Pacific here.

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