Raise the Roof Campaign

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As we approach our momentous 150th Anniversary, the Cumberland County Historical Society stands at a crucial juncture, inviting you to be a key player in preserving our rich history and ensuring a vibrant future. Our “Raise the Roof” Campaign aims to address urgent infrastructure concerns for our main building at 21 North Pitt Street in Historic Carlisle, PA.

The Challenge: Our historic building, a cornerstone of Cumberland County’s heritage, is facing critical structural issues. The original roof, dating back to 1881, and the masonry in the Northwest corner urgently require repair and replacement. Additionally, the floor in our cherished program space, Todd Hall, needs stabilization.

Our Goal: To meet these challenges head-on, we’ve set a fundraising goal of $400,000. Thanks to a generous $200,000 gift, our total target is $600,000. These funds will not only preserve the architectural integrity of our building but will also pave the way for a renovated Todd Hall, reopening in time for our 150th Anniversary.

What Your Support Will Achieve:

  1. Roof Restoration: Preserving history requires protecting the very structures that house it. Your contribution will go directly towards repairing and replacing the roofs, ensuring the continued safeguarding of our heritage.

Masonry and Engineering Solutions: The Northwest corner, a vital part of the original construction, demands attention. Your support will enable us to implement masonry work and engineering solutions, ensuring the longevity of this historic edifice.

Todd Hall Revitalization: Funds will be dedicated to stabilizing the floor in Todd Hall, allowing us to reopen a rejuvenated space. This sets the stage for expanded programming and rental opportunities, maximizing the potential of this historic venue.

Opportunities for Recognition: By supporting the “Raise the Roof” Campaign, you not only contribute to preserving history but also gain the chance for naming and sponsorship opportunities within the revitalized Todd Hall. This space, with its 20,000 annual visitors, presents a unique platform for your recognition.

Why Your Support Matters: As stewards of Cumberland County’s history for 150 years, our commitment to preserving and maintaining our historic properties is unwavering. Your support ensures that we can continue this mission for another 150 years, keeping our history alive for generations to come.

Join Us in Preserving Your History: Visit [link] to contribute to the “Raise the Roof” Campaign. Your support will make a tangible impact on the longevity and vibrancy of the Cumberland County Historical Society.

Thank you for being an integral part of our journey. Together, let’s ensure our legacy endures for generations.