Molly Pitcher Ornament

Price: $40.00


Pewter Ornament – 3” tall and 2” wide. It comes in a gift box with the history enclosed inside.

On February 22, 1822, the legislature of Pennsylvania awarded Mary Hays McCauley a pension – “An Act For the relief of Molly M’Kolly, for her services during the Revolutionary War.” It was never stated exactly for what services the pension was given. In a 1903 deposition given by Mary McCauley’s great great granddaughter, Mary E. Wilson, she stated, “My grandmother often told me about her grandmother Molly McKolly alias ‘Molly Pitcher’ telling her about being in the army and about carrying water to the wounded and dying.” Today, Molly Pitcher’s burial site is one of the most visible in Carlisle’s Old Graveyard. That was not always the case. A proper tombstone was provided for her on July 4, 1876. The cannon, flagstaff, and flag were added in 1905. In 1916, the large Molly Pitcher statue was added. While all the facts surrounding the life of Mary Hays McCauley may never be known, it is known that she was an American Patriot.