Industrialization of Carlisle 1750-1920 Vol. 1 – Carlisle’s East End

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A chronicle of the industrialization of Carlisle, Pennsylvania focused on operations that required significant capital, used specialized machinery and factory style production, and produced goods which were shipped outside the town or region. This definition excludes such businesses as furniture making in a small shop employing a couple craftsmen and helpers, food processing, bottling, tanneries, mills, brickyards and may other such firms that operated in the years covered.

This volume focuses on the portion of Carlisle east of Hanover Street, often referred to as Carlisle’s East End. Prior to 1890, most of Carlisle’s industrialization took place therein. Carlisle’s East End was a gritty place which became tightly packed with rowhouses, facing both its streets and alleys, built to house the town’s growing workforce. It was mostly working class; nearly all the rich and better off of the town lived on the western side of town – the prevailing winds from the west protected them from the smoke, odors, and noise of the east end.

The industries discussed added materially to the growth and development of Carlisle. Not just from their economic contributions, but the contributions they made to the town’s social fabric.

Author: Randy Watts

231 pages