George Hendel of Carlisle, Pennsylvania Silversmith

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Merri Lou Scribner Schaumann, 2011

ISBN 418740005683 $36.00 50 pages, Soft Cover

Many excellent books have been written about the tools and techniques that were used to make silver objects as well as the design sources that influenced their styles; this is not one of them. This is a book about the life of George Hendel and the silver that he produced. Because this book is intended to be used as a reference tool, footnotes appear at the bottom of each page for the convenience of the reader.

As the county seat, Carlisle’s population included attorneys, doctors, merchants and tavernkeepers as well as prosperous craftsmen. These people, a well as the country “gentry,” were Hendel’s customers. Because possessions, such as silver, were a sign of social status for the wealthy as well as those aspiring to higher social status, Hendel was able, for the most part, to make a living at his craft. The period in which Hendel worked encompassed the Classical and Neo-classical eras, and you can see these design influences reflected in his silver.

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