Hunter Motor Company – Harrisburg/White Hill PA

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The Hunter Motor Car Company was the brain child of Charles H. Hunter, a Harrisburg resident known for his salesmanship and business leadership skills. In combination with several local investors, he set out, in 1920, to build a “high-grade, moderate priced automobiles for owner-drivers.” The company leased space on South Cameron Street in Harrisburg, and by late 1920 they had constructed the chassis and running gear of the car. They purchased 21 acres of land at White Hill, Lower Allen Township, Cumberland County, and built a small factory building there by the Fall of 1920. From what can be determined the body was installed on the car here. The company displayed their car at the Harrisburg Car Show in March 1921, but no further production took place. By 1923 Charles Hunter and his family had moved to Chicago and the assets of the firm were disposed of. What happened to the single car they constructed is not known.

The history of the company is described in detail based on extensive research in local newspapers, the only the trail the company left. Over its brief existence the company published over 40 large advertisements in local newspapers, soliciting stock subscriptions for the company. They are reproduced in full as they provide interesting insights into the company and the personality of Charles H. Hunter.

by Randy Watts, 2022
ISBN 418740009525 $10.00 62 pages, index and endnote. Soft Cover