Carlisle Journeys:

A biennial conference about the Carlisle Indian Industrial School (1879-1918). The next conference will be held October 7-9, 2016 with a focus on “Celebrating the American Indian Sports Legacy.” The first conference held in October 2014 examined how the Carlisle Industrial School influenced the Entertainment World due to the Carlisle Indian School students who made their way into films, shows, and theaters. The influence and banning of the Wild West Shows was another area explored in the conference as well as presentations from contemporary entertainers who shared their own experiences, including the influence of the Carlisle and other boarding schools, on their craft. More information on Carlisle Journeys is available here.


History-POPS! (Projects-Outreach-Publications-Scholarships) Program:

In 2015, the CCHS Board of Trustees approved a plan to create a funding program for small history related organizational initiatives and scholarships in Cumberland County. The idea was simple, although funds are limited, CCHS should try to give back to organizations and students who love and care for Cumberland County history. Utilizing a percentage of proceeds from the CCHS Annual Golf Classic fundraiser, the History-POPS program will commence in 2017. Applications are available for Projects Outreach and Publications ranging from $250 -$1,500. History scholarship awards are awarded at the $500 and $1000 levels.

History-POPS! awards are chosen based on merit and determined by the Society’s Awards & Scholarships Committee which meets regularly throughout the year. Applications that closely align with the mission of CCHS will be ranked higher than those that do not. When applying, keep in mind that the end goal should be to promote Cumberland County history and make the county’s history more accessible to diverse audiences. The more this can be demonstrated, the better chance for success.


Cumberland Pathways:

The Cumberland County Historical Society (CCHS), the Army Heritage Center Foundation, the Cumberland Valley Visitors Bureau, Dickinson College, and the Historical Society of Pennsylvania offer you the opportunity to explore your family history at Cumberland Pathways, October 20-22, 2017 in beautiful and historic Carlisle, Pennsylvania.  These institutions are home to unique archives and special collections.  During Cumberland Pathways, experts will provide guidance for your own family research and present the latest in genealogy trends.  Conference topics will range from preserving what you know to using DNA to unlock your family’s mysteries. More information on Cumberland Pathways is available here.



As mandated in CCHS’ 2015-2020 Strategic Plan, the Society began in 2017 to more actively engage in facilitating conversations about historic preservation in Cumberland County among a variety of stakeholders. Though CCHS cannot officially sponsor or fund specific preservation projects, we are happy to assist with coordinating efforts, and we see it as our responsibility to foster awareness about historic preservation and its tremendous potential for positively impacting our citizens and communities.  We embrace our role in developing educational programming and outreach which promotes sustainable historic preservation of historic buildings, neighborhoods, landscapes, and officially protected natural resources. Specific examples of the kinds of initiatives CCHS coordinates and promotes include:

  • County Register of Historic Places program. For program details and application information click here.
  • Educational programs, lectures and publications related to sites such as the Two Mile House, the Craighead House, the CIIS Farmhouse, Le Tort Park, Willow Mill, the Camp Michaux Recognition Project and numerous other places located throughout Cumberland County.
  • Annual Fall Historic Properties & Preservation Tour.
  • Preservation Roundtable Coordination. Launched in 2017, the Cumberland County Preservation Roundtable serves a forum for discussion and coordination with a variety of groups and citizens interested in historic preservation and the numerous efforts underway. To join the email distribution list and find out about the next meeting email Executive Director Jason Illari at jillari@historicalsociety.com

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