Annual Appeal 2018

Once again, the Society enters the season of giving with our hopes set upon a successful annual appeal drive. As you are aware, our annual appeal provides crucial funds for the Society during the months of November-March, when we traditionally face a lull in fundraising activities. Yet, there is no lull in programming, events, exhibits and outreach during this time.  Staff, Board, Volunteers, and Members take pride in providing a steady stream of services and activities to our community, year-round. These include; our holiday exhibit and appreciation reception, special concerts and lectures, our annual temporary exhibit prep (upcoming WWI exhibit opening), winter home school programs, and much more. Some have inquired how the annual drive fares from year to year. Here are the numbers:

            In 2017 – $31,255
            In 2016 –  $31,420
            In 2015 – $32,435 

We typically aim for $30,000 in contributions for the annual appeal and the numbers above show we often surpass our goal. This year, our hope is to reach a new $35,000 benchmark. With your generosity and unwavering support, we know we can accomplish this feat. Join me and our Board in participating in this appeal, and during our World War I exhibit opening in March, let us publicly announce and celebrate that we met this ambitious goal!

On behalf of everyone here at CCHS, thank you for your caring, generosity and collective vision for the Society’s bright future.

Give Here.


 Jason Illari, Executive Director

Cumberland County Historical Society 

CCHS Board 2018

President David Smith, Vice President Ginny Mowery,  Treasurer Steve Angle, Secretary Sherry Kreitzer, Robert Grochalski, Pat Ferris, Ann K. Hoffer, Linda Humes, Kristin Senecal, Charles Allen, Tita Eberly, John Lyter, Kate Theimer, E. K. Weitzel, Dr. André Weltman

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