An Evolving Library

Old Computers and Bookshelves to show pastHere at the Cumberland County Historical Society Library—despite being historical ourselves in some ways as we approach our 150th year—we are constantly changing and adapting. Some of these changes are more readily apparent than others including new staff, newer computers and catalog, and new means of engaging with content including this blog and website while other changes occur behind the scenes.

One of the more significant changes in the past few years has been the Gardner Digital Library. My first position with the Historical Society was Gardner Digital Library Coordinator and it was my responsibility to build the website and make sure it had content when it launched. Initially that included two types of content: oral histories and articles on Cumberland County history. For someone knew to Cumberland County this was an ideal position to be in because it allowed me to immerse myself in the history of my new home. Fantastic volunteers wrote articles on a wide range of topics from a rare type of flower that only bloomed once a year in the middle of night to wider histories covering entire boroughs or townships. And now we’ve begun to put primary resources up onto the website. Including a number of indices compiled by longtime volunteer Charles Maclay. And this is just the start as CCHS begins to accept more and more digital collections and we digitize other parts of collections including scrapbooks and photo albums.

But as I tell most people my favorite task was going out and meeting and often interviewing the people of Cumberland County. These conversations have greatly expanded my knowledge of our local history but also allow me to more fully appreciate that history.

If you have not lately take a look at some of the recent interviews including Eliseo Rosario, Barbara Redman, and Ferman Landis. Each of their stories is different but together they help tell a fuller history of our home.

Lastly, if you know of anyone who CCHS should reach out to interview please fill out the form below:

Blair Williams, Media Specialist

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