2020 Pretend it’s a Plan

2020 Pretend it’s a Plan

It has taken me several days to think about what to write for my blog post. Normally, I’d use this as an opportunity to highlight the Outreach Department, promote Preservation Month in May, and highlight activities CCHS will hold to celebrate the 200th birthday of the Two Mile House. However, the spread of Covid-19 and shut down of our region means these are not normal days and we are planning for the impact of the virus, to some degree, to reverberate throughout 2020.

In March, businesses closed and activities were cancelled to curb the spread of the virus, and like so many organizations in the County, CCHS made the tough decision to close its doors temporarily and reschedule, cancel, or postpone activities to ensure the health and safety of our visitors, staff, and volunteers. So much uncertainty surrounds 2020 in this unprecedented environment, and the whole community is taking it day-by-day, hoping a sense of normalcy will soon return.

We might not know what is happening next, so I’m working and living by the words of Dr Who, just ‘hold tight and pretend it’s a plan’. The plan is work goes on. While sitting at home, isolated from the community, may sound counterproductive for the head of the Outreach Department, our department’s work continues and the resilience of CCHS and our wider community is ever present at these times. Teleworking has become the norm and meetings that would be in person are moved to online platforms. We are creating new virtual engagement methods through our website and social media pages; Sharon is busy scheduling and rescheduling rentals at Two Mile House, and of course, planning for future activities continues.

While dates may change and programs are reorganized, there is so much to look forward to in the coming months, including lectures, walking tours, Carlisle Journey’s, and preservation activities. Along with programs it is important that CCHS’ fundraising initiatives also move forward. Planning for the McLain Bash and Annual Dinner are underway, and one of CCHS’ most important fundraisers, the annual Golf Classic, has moved from June to September 18th. Dates and information are changing quickly and we promise to keep you updated and encourage you to check www.historicalsociety.com for the most up-to-date calendar activities.

I was recently asked by a volunteer how they can help during this time. First and foremost, I reminded them to make sure their membership is up to date at CCHS. Your membership is vital to keeping CCHS running smoothly, and as a member you’ll receive the latest information on changes to our schedule and discounts to many of our programs. Secondly, I ask everyone to document the current situation in our community and share what you are gathering with CCHS. Take photos of closed businesses and empty streets or write how your life has altered over the past few weeks. History is happening now, and we want to document and archive life in the time of Covid-19. Materials can be uploaded to the Society’s Dropbox account.

Stay safe and healthy.


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