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Follow the Paper Trail is an exhibit about the treasures of the CCHS Archives.  Open through October 25, 2014.

History, by definition, began when the first documents were written and preserved.  Although fragments of ancient cultures have come down to us in clay and stone over thousands of years, the written history of Cumberland County began only a few centuries ago, with paper.  A great treasure trove of those papers reside in this building, home of the Hamilton Library Association.  Once destined to become the town library, the association instead transformed into an archives, part of the Cumberland County Historical Society.  Now it cares for unpublished, primary documents.  Some are rare, some are common, some old and some new. Still, they all have been chosen to speak the history of this area to future generations.

We’ve combed the archives for these stories to put in our 2014 exhibit Follow the Paper Trail.

Can a letter from a gypsy king protect you and your loved ones from fire and pestilence?  Would you trust your heart to paper?  Will you bind family lore to the pages in a book?  Could you carry your very freedom on a precious, fragile scrap?  Find these questions and more in the exhibit, open March 21 through October 25, 2014.