Serving up Salvation One Ladle at a Time: The Shopp Family at Cedar Run

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David H. Peiffer, 2023, Cumberland County Historical Society

72 pages, Hard Cover

A miraculous and monumental event occurs whenever and wherever the Almighty stretches out His hand, or sets His spirit to work caressing man or woman, enticing them to grow closer to Him by leading corrected lives or morality, decency, prayerful supplication, and faith. While true, many of the faithful would argue that Providence is a work all the time and everywhere, it is still a rarity to see dozens if not scores of souls being affected at the same time and place as it was on the Johannes Shopp fam in 1803 and later in 1819. Standout events like these transcend theology, denomination and dogma. The Creator touches mankind, as visualized by Michelangelo on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City, Rome, Italy; and for us, as actuated years ago at the Shopp’s humble homestead, in what is now an industrial area in Hampden Township, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania.

Herein, on the pages to follow is the story of the Shopps’, a German speaking immigrant family, faith filled followers of Mennonite traditions, fluxing the way for the Lord’s hand in spirit to gather and repair the souls of those who strayed too far in moral turpitude and thus were infused with Grace, then blessed by the Beholden breath of soulful revitalization and repair. This story is important to document for all faiths, as Divine Providence was experienced and recorded. Even in ruins, the Shopp’s homestead is worthy of reverence and remembrance. Consequently, the author hopes that this publication will serve as a tribute to the Shopp family and what occurred at their homestead.