Moxie Rose: Curious Accounts of Trials and Tribulations From the Life of Cumberland County’s First Female Commissioner

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This is the curious story of Rosemarie Peiffer, first woman elected county commissioner in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, in 1979. Having been tested in youth by her troubled upbringing on a farm in Schuykill County, Pennsylvania, she later took on various leadership roles in her community in an effort to serve and strengthen the moral fiber of it. As if the pain of her childhood was not enough, Rosemarie was thus tempered by the political firestorm she created as she served in the public firestorm she created as she served in the public arena. She had hoped to improve the quality of life and government for her fellow citizens of Cumberland County. There were many detractors, and there were some folks in the County who considered her to be a sort of Don Quixote, tilter of wind mills, fighter for the defenders of hopeless, useless, or unnecessary causes. Many thought she was just playing partisan politics in order to promote herself. As history will show, they were wrong. She did what she had to do because it was right and moral. Rosemarie believed to the very core of her soul that “men shall be ruled by law, not by the fickle will of themselves or the whim of other men.”

David H. Peiffer, 2024 Cumberland County Historical Society

195 pages  Hard Cover