Dead of Winter: An Alexa Williams Novel

Price: $19.95



Sherry Knowlton, 2019, Milford House Press

ISBN 9781620060711   $19.95   272 pages, Soft Cover (Consignment)

A lighthearted morning trip to test a new drone turns deadly for attorney Alexa Williams and two friends when they find a bullet-riddled body in a remote field. Next to the dead man, a note declares: Allahu Akbar.

To shake the gruesome discovery, Alexa turns to her busy life. She’s representing a Syrian Refugee family whose sone has been bullied. She’s fast becoming friends with the owner of her Krav Maga studio, the widow of a soldier killed in Iraq. And, her parents are pulling her into a flurry of social events for an Iraqi General studying at the U.S. Army War College.

When a second man is executed, Reese becomes a suspect, leading Alexa to question how much he may have changed in Africa. Fear of Islamic terrorism spreads like wildfire through Alexa’s small town after a third murder, and her refugee clients are caught in the furor.

On dark night in the dead of winter, Alexa discovers how the threads intersect and must race to stoop an attack that could kill hundreds. If she fails, she could lose everyone she loves.