Clyde A. Laughlin: Postcard King of the Cumberland Valley

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Clyde A. Laughlin: Postcard King of the Cumberland Valley by Walter Lewis Cressler, Jr.

Clyde A. Laughlin’s photographic legacy may be the single most significant contribution to the pictorial history of the Cumberland Valley region of Pennsylvania during the first half of the twentieth century. Laughlin was born in Newburg and lived his entire life in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. The original intent of this book was to catalog for fellow postcard collectors as accurately as possible the number and description of the postcards produced by Clyde A. Laughlin during the period 1906 through 1945. It became during apparent early in the compilation of the postcard data that a checklist would be incomplete without including a biography describing the man himself, his family, the times in which he lived and the history of the postcard. The final result is a book a biography of the photographer and artist with a checklist of the postcards which earned him the reputation of being the Postcard King of the Cumberland Valley.

45 pages with 86 page appendix.