A Scout for E Company: 1944 The Story of PFC Gene Wentz

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“A Scout for E Company: 1944” by Dan Felix is a biography of Pennsylvania native Gene Wentz.  Born in Somerset County, Wentz was a long-time resident of Bedford County and lived out his final years in Blair County.  The book focuses mainly on his experiences during WWII including his basic training in Shelby Mississippi, going to Europe via Casa Blanca and Naples Italy where he was assigned to be an infantry scout for the 141st Regiment, E Company of the 36th Division, Fifth Army of the United States.  On May 3, 1943, seven months after his eighteenth birthday, he reported for induction into the Army and his life would change forever.  While on scouting duty beside a fava bean field outside of Velletri, Italy, Wentz was severely wounded.  With determination and his faith in God, he was able to survive and lived until he was 91. The book provides a brief description of his early years and life after he was shipped back to the States.  It also gives a glimpse into what he thought during basic training, his ship voyage to Europe, the battles he was involved in, and how he reacted to being wounded and spending over a year in hospitals before his discharge from the Army.  The book is part history and part sharing of intimate thoughts of a man lying on his back in a hospital ward in Naples, Italy and state side.  If you like history but want to know more about what an average G. I. felt and thought, this is the book for you.

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