Library Manuscript Collections

The following are manuscript groups in the collections of the Cumberland County Historical Society that are not included in separate highlighted collections on this site. The following does not include the entirety of CCHS’ collections. If you have questions about the collections or would like to inquire about whether CCHS has a particular item please use the request more information on the right. CCHS staff will respond. Research requests can be found at HERE.

MG-130     Architectural Video Collection

MG-110     Bell, Whitfield Collection

MG-033     Boiling Springs Collection

MG-030     Boiling Springs High School, Class of 1934 Collection

MG-124     Brenneman Collection

MG-117     Brumbaugh – Marianne Moore collection

MG-067     Carlisle Area Committee for Human Rights

MG-133     Carlisle Area Newcomers Club Collection

MG-112     Carlisle Area Science Advisory Committee

MG-128     Carlisle Art Association Collection

MG-053     Carlisle Band Collection

MG-079     Carlisle Community Concert Association Collection

MG-106     Carlisle Deposit Bank Collection

MG-042     Carlisle District Sunday School Association Collection

MG-105     Carlisle Hospital Auxiliary Collection

MG-051     Carlisle Hospital Collection

MG-114     Carlisle Musical Arts Club

MG-068     Carlisle Opportunity Homes Collection

MG-027     Carlisle Sesqui-centennial, 1901 and Old Home Week, 1909 collection

MG-092     Carlisle Tire and Rubber Collection

MG-060     Carlisle Two Wheeler Collection

MG-039     Carlisle YMCA Collection

MG-126     Central Bookstore, M.E. Landis Collection

MG-003     Civic Club of Carlisle Collection

MG-122     Craighead Collection

MG-064     Crist, Robert Collection

MG-045     Cumberland County 250th Anniversary Celebration Collection

MG-077     Cumberland County Bar Association Collection

MG-093     Cumberland County Cooperative Extension Service Collection

MG-035     Cumberland County Federation of Women’s Clubs Collection

MG-081     Cumberland County Greek Collection

MG-094     Cumberland County History Project 2000 Collection

MG-040     Cumberland County Lawyers Auxiliary Collection

MG-118     Cumberland County Medical Society Alliance Collection

MG-082     Cumberland County Vietnam War Collection

MG-101     Dickinson College Collection

MG-041     Earley Printery Collection

MG-103     Fager, Charles B. Collection

MG-016     Faller, Leo W. and John I. Faller Collection

MG-001     Female Benevolent Society of Carlisle (Lydia Baird Home) Collection

MG-066     Flower, Lenore Collection

MG-018     Flower, Milton E. Collection

MG-083     Fortnightly Club Collection

MG-084     Fowler, Robert Collection

MG-056     Gobrecht, Lewis Collection

MG-055     Goldstein, Hyman Collection

MG-022     Goodyear, Donald H. Collection

MG-086     Greenhorn Investment Group Collection

MG-087     Hauck, Richard H. Collection

MG-090     Hays, E. Blaine Collection

MG-091     Hemphill, Dorothy Collection

MG-116     Hepburn/Watts Collection

MG-136     Here Lyes the Body Collection

MG-037     Hodge, Evelyn Collection

MG-125     Holmead Collecton

MG-058     Hunter, William Collection

MG-070     Ibach, Isabel Collection

MG-069     Intercultural Council Collection

MG-102     J. Frank Wheaton Elks Collection

MG-032     Jacobs, Ann Blaine Hays Collection

MG-021     James Wilson / Safe Harbour Collection

MG-120     Jenkins, Sally – The Real All-Americans Collection

MG-074     Koser Collection

MG-123     League of Women Voters Collection

MG-078     Log Buildings Project Collection

MG-109     MacGregor Collection

MG-076     Martin, Jackie – Early 20th Century Sheet Music Collection

MG-088     Masland, C. H. Collection

MG-131     Men of Retirement Age (MORA) Club Collection

MG-107     Middlesex School District Collection

MG-127     Miles, Barbara Collection

MG-049     Miller, Jessie Ruhl Collection

MG-075     Miller, P. K. Collection

MG-026     Ministerial Association of Carlisle

MG-020     Moore, Mrs. Richard T. Collection

MG-017     Mowery, Mrs. Donald Collection

MG-111     Myers-Sellers Collection

MG-031     Natcher, Robert W. “Bing” Sports Collection

MG-073     Newton, Elizabeth Collection

MG-054     Odd Fellows Collections

MG-121     One Room School House Project, Big Spring High School Collection

MG-057     Otterbein Methodist Church Collection

MG-119     Owens, Billy Collection

MG-050     Pied Piper School Collection

MG-134     Police Athletic League Collection

MG-104     Reed, Leroy Collection

MG-115     Reed, Richard C. and Paul C. Reed Architectural Collection

MG-095     Residential Communities Initiative at Carlisle Barracks Collection

MG-043     Rovegno, Evelyn Collection

MG-089     Ruby, Rupp / Samuel Collection

MG-048     Rupp, A. B. Family Collection

MG-071     Sawyer, Raymond Collection

MG-029     Schaumann, Merri Lou Collection

MG-023     Serluco, Michael Collection

MG-065     SHARP Collection

MG-100     Shippensburg University Collection

MG-059     Shope Family Collection

MG-028     Shore / Myers Correspondence Collection

MG-080     Shughart, Judge Dale F. Collection

MG-129     Smith Family Collection

MG-047     Spahr Family Collection

MG-061     Stitt, Winnie Collection

MG-132     Stuart Law Offices Collection

MG-113     Swartz, G. W. Collection

MG-135     Task Force, Dickinson School of Law

MG-085     Tempest, Robert Collection

MG-098     Travelers Club Collection

MG-096     Tri-County Planning Commission Collection

MG-044     Troy Laundry Collection

MG-052     Trump, Charles E. Collection

MG-034     United Way of the Greater Carlisle Area Collection

MG-063     Warrell, Lincoln Collection

MG-036     Washington in Carlisle, October 7-9, 1994 Collection

MG-038     West Shore Fire Chief’s Association

MG-046     Wolf, Elizabeth Ann Zeigler Estate Collection

MG-024     Wunderlick, John and Henry Webbert Families Collection