Hoy Family Collection

MG-137: This collection contains information about the Hoy Family along with the activities and organizations in which they were involved. John M. Hoy worked as an agent first for the Cumberland Valley Railroad and then for the Pennsylvania Railroad. He and his wife, Lubertha, were active in the local Republican Party. He was also active in the Chamber of Commerce and served as Treasurer for the Carlisle School District. The collection reveals that in 1905 the family lived in Mechanicsburg at 235 E. Main St., but by 1934 they were residing on 18 S. Hanover St., Carlisle. They built a house at 41 Conway St. in Carlisle in 1951 and the collection also includes blueprints, not dated, for a “farm” house for the Hoy family. The family members include, John Merwin Hoy, his wife Lubertha J., a son Charles and two daughters, Ruth and Mary. There is also has an additional photograph collection. Many of the photographs are in boxes 47M, the Hoy-Diffendurfer Collection.

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