Carlisle Barracks Orderly Books


These journals record official orders and correspondence issued by the headquarters of the Cavalry Depot, Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania, during the period between 20 December 1855 and 24 October 1866.

Historical Note

During the period covered by these journals, Carlisle Barracks served as the focal point for the recruitment, training, and deployment of mounted service troops for the US Army. In his capacity as Superintendent of the Mounted Recruiting Service, the Commander of the Carlisle Barracks Cavalry Depot led recruitment throughout the mid-Atlantic region under the direction of the US Army’s Adjutant General.

Collection Description

The large, leather bound journals (…by…) containing paginated, hand written entries are in generally good condition though there is some fading of the script. Underlining of words and a few marginal comments indicate the records were later reviewed {and updated?}. The journals have been in the collection of the Cumberland County Historical Society since _____.

A detailed description and a listing of contents follows for each of the two journals.

Notes for the User:

Names. Both journals in this collection contain hundreds of names included in entries made by numerous different individuals. A best effort has been made to determine the correct or at least most likely spelling of the names and in some cases possible alternatives are included in brackets. The user is nonetheless cautioned to use several alternative spellings when searching the document and where possible to consult the original.

Abbreviations. Unless otherwise indicated, each listing includes the full names and titles of correspondents and associated organizations the first time they appear, but subsequently, and particularly for those that appear repeatedly, only the last name and in some cases the position held and the abbreviation of the organization.

Military Ranks. For the most part, the ranks of the personnel cited are omitted for brevity. Users should refer to the original listing for these details.

Spellings. Current common usage is used in place of the nineteenth century spellings of things and place names, e.g. sergeant for serjeant, sabers for sabres, and Pittsburgh for Pittsburg, etc.

Attachments to Correspondence. Many entries cite transmittal of official reports from the Depot, namely the monthly Post Return, Superintendent’s Report, Monthly Enlistments, Muster Rolls, and personnel accounts. In no cases are these documents present with the journals. Users seeking these documents are directed to the US Army Adjutant General records in the National Archives.

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