Celebrating Preservation Month at CCHS

May is Preservation month, an opportunity for CCHS to promote and highlight the year-round preservation activities in Cumberland County. On May 4th, we’re holding our annual Preservation Awards Reception in our own preservation opportunity Odd Fellows Hall. At this event we will present two preservation awards and announce the 2019 additions to the Preservation Opportunities Watch List.

This year’s award winners are the Mt. Tabor Preservation Project and the Mt. Holly Springs History Collaborative. The Mt. Tabor Project is a wonderful example of residents coming together to protect their history and bridge divides in their community. Mt. Tabor Church & Cemetery were a focal point of African American life in Mt. Holly Springs from the 1870s to the 1970s, but beyond local memory the importance of this community has been neglected. Since 2016 residents, volunteers, and former congregants have come together to recognize the importance of this site. They are working to rewrite the historical narrative of the community to ensure everyone’s history is being told.

The Mt. Holly Springs History Collaborative consists of Amelia Givin Library, the Carlisle Area School District, Mt. Holly Elementary School, CCHS, and residents. Together they are working to build a sense of place among the youth of the town by foster local history projects in the schools. Working with 3rd, 4th and 5th grade teachers, the group developed activities that meet the curriculum requirements of the school. This year rather than students going to Carlisle to learn history they are learning history in their backyard. New walking tours of Mt. Holly Springs have been developed, students produced educational podcasts, and are learning about the history of local figure Amelia Givin. The Collaborative intends to change the topic each year to focus on a different aspect of the town’s history. This year the Collaborative’s work will culminate during Summerfair activities when students will read their essays on Amelia Givin.

Along with the Preservation Award, two properties are being added to the Opportunities watch list. The Scott Farm in Middlesex Township is under threat of demolition by the National Park Service. The Junkin House in Silver Spring Township is under threat of neglect. You can learn more about this properties and our other Watch List properties at: https://preservation.historicalsociety.com/

Finally, throughout the year CCHS coordinates Preservation Learning Labs. On May 11th we’re partnering with the Carlisle Tool Library for a free course on window glazing. You can sign up for that course here. Please keep an eye out on CCHS’ calendar for more information and opportunities to participate in the Learning Labs.

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