CCHS Volunteer Shorts: Slyvia Havens

CCHS Volunteer Shorts: Slyvia Havens


Blair Williams: I am here today with Sylvia Havens, a longtime volunteer here in the library. First off I will ask you Sylvia what do you here at the Cumberland County Historical Society?

Sylvia Havens: I work in the library and I type into the computer different collections that they have for restoration.

BW: How long have you been a volunteer?

SH: I have been a volunteer since 1998.

BW: What made you interested in volunteering?

SH: The fact that when I was in college at Penn State worked in their Pattee Library and have always enjoyed libraries and history.

BW: What would you say your favorite part about volunteering here is?

SH: The people that you meet and the people you work with.

BW: Great. And what is an interesting thing you’ve come across here at the Historical Society?

SH: I’ve worked with a number of Civil War items. In fact, right now I am typing in times and men during the Civil War and whether they served or not.

BW: All right. Thank you so much for volunteering and talking with me today.

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