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Beverly Bone
Archives & Library Assistant

I work in the Archives and Library assisting patrons with their research and performing research for the many inquiries CCHS receives. I have been working at CCHS for nine years.

Cumberland County history is my history.  My ancestors have been here since the county was formed. My favorite historical person is Abraham Lincoln.  He came from a very humble and honest beginning to become a great president during one of our most critical periods of history.  I believe if he had not been killed, the wounds of the Civil War would have been healed more appropriately and would have made our lives better today for all races. The best way to reach me is by calling CCHS at 717-249-7610.

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Harriet Carn
Environmental Services Assistant

I am the head custodian at the Society and have been with CCHS for 5 years. The thing I like about Cumberland County is the friendliness of the people.

The best way to reach me is by calling the Society’s main line, 717-249-7610. My favorite historical person is Harriet Tubman. She was a strong woman and put herself in great risk to help others escape slavery through the Underground Railroad.

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Cara Curtis
Archives & Library Manager

I’ve been the Archives and Library Manager at CCHS since 2008. My favorite thing about Cumberland County’s history is its richness.

There is something to interest everyone. Our history includes: being Mother Cumberland, helping develop modern football at the Carlisle Indian Industrial School, and housing an interrogation camp for German and Japanese POWs during World War II. The best way to reach me is by email ccurtis@historicalsociety.com. My favorite person from history is Wolfe Tone. I have always been fond of Irish and Scottish history particularly the subjection of the people of those governments by the English government and how they fought back against the government. He was a leader of the United Irishman who helped lead a failed rebellion against the English.

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Lindsay Houpt-Varner
PHC GCP Heart and Soul Project Manager

My name is Lindsay Houpt-Varner, and I am the Project Director for Greater Carlisle Project’s Heart & Soul Program (at http://greatercarlisleproject.dickinson.edu/greater-carlisle-heart-soul).

Through grants from the Pennsylvania Humanities Council and South Mountain Partnership, the Heart & Soul Project follows the Orton Foundation’s framework and aims to strengthen the Greater Carlisle community through storytelling and community engagement to learn what matters most in our community, how we relate to each other and our landscape and what we want for our future. I am based in the Cumberland County Historical Society, a member of Greater Carlisle Project. Being housed in CCHS allows me to benefit from the staff and volunteer’s knowledge and expertise on the cultural heritage of the region, and provides a greater opportunity to collaborate Heart & Soul’s storytelling with the Gardner Digital Library. If you have questions about the project, or you’re interested in becoming a volunteer for Heart & Soul please contact me at greatercarlisleproject@gmail.com.

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Peggy Huffman
Museum Assistant Curator

I’ve been helping plan, research and install exhibits and create publications for CCHS since 2007.

The best way to reach me is by email at phuffman@historicalsociety.com. I love that even though I’m a transplant from the West Coast, it turns out I have ancestors buried all over Cumberland County. My favorite historical person in the county is Frank E. Masland, Jr. because his life reflected a deep sense of commitment to community and the environment, and because he also enjoyed a good adventure.

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Jason Illari
Executive Director

I began my work as Executive Director with CCHS in October 2013 and appreciate the deep sense of caring that connects members of our Cumberland County community.

One of my favorite historical figures is Jackie Robinson. The best way to reach me is by email jillari@historicalsociety.com and I typically respond to all inquiries in a matter of hours.

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Kim Laidler
History on High Shop Manager

My role at CCHS is the Manager for History on High- The Shop. I started working for CCHS in 2004.

My favorite thing about Cumberland County is the friendliness and beauty of its people and places. The best way to get a hold of me is by calling the shop’s direct line 717-249-1626. My favorite historical person is Dolly Madison. As a grade-schooler I adored reading about her life. I love her bravery and the way she saved so many historical artifacts for our future when many during her time did not know what the future of the U.S. would look like!

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Barbara Landis
Archives & Library CIIS Specialist

I currently serve as CCHS’ CIIS Specialist, which is a fancy title for helping patrons, visitors with all inquiries related to the Carlisle Indian Industrial School.

The best way to reach me is by email at blandis@historicalsoicety.com.

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Kurt Lewis
Kurt Lewis
Historic Properties Coordinator

My primary role as Historic Properties Coordinator is the historic preservation of CCHS’ three main properties.

In addition to this, I coordinate all CCHS rentals and organize the Society’s annual McLain Celtic Festival held each year at the Two Mile House. I’ve been working at the Historical Society for since 2014. My favorite thing about Cumberland County is the large number of surviving historic buildings in the towns and countryside. The best and quickest way to reach me is via email at klewis@historicalsociety.com. My favorite historical figure is Teddy Roosevelt because of his creation of the National Parks and signing of the Antiquities Act.

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Lynda Mann
Lynda Mann
Programming & Membership Coordinator

I have been employed with CCHS since September, 2011 and my primary role is to plan and implement with staff and volunteers various activities including special events, bus trips, programs, receptions and tours.

I also track statistics including attendance, income, expenses relating to fundraising and program activities and coordinate logistics for CCHS outreach and membership.  My favorite thing about Cumberland County would be its beauty and rich history and two of my favorite historical people would be Daniel Drawbaugh and Captain William Miller. The best way to reach me is to email me at lmann@historicalsociety.com.

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Mary March
Collections Manager

I have been the CCHS collection’s manager since 2006 and my duties include the care and conservation of the Society’s approximate 10,600 artifacts.

Every day at CCHS is different and I never know what will be donated. My favorite part of Cumberland County is the Children’s Lake in Boiling Springs because my daughter and I enjoy going for walks around it. The best way to get in touch with me is to call me at (717)249-7610. My favorite historical figure is Queen Victoria due to the fact that she inspired generations of people with her decisiveness, attitude, and style.

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Matthew March
Matthew March
Education Curator

I have worked at the CCHS since 2006. I am currently the Education Curator. My favorite aspect of the county’s history is that our geography has made us an incredibly important place.

From ancient hunting and trade trails to the keystone of the Union our location has provided for the myriad of amazing stories that I like to share with the public. I would have to say my favorite personality from Cumberland County is Frederick Watts. A true Renaissance man, his many pursuits included being a lawyer, judge, business mogul, and agricultural reformer. If I can be of any assistance please email me at mmarch@historicalsociety.com.

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Debbie Miller
Archives & Library Collections Specialist

My name is Debbie Miller and I’ve worked at CCHS since 2003. Presently, my primary role is to accession all items that are donated/acquired the Archives and Library, but I also assist patrons in the library with their research.

I enjoy living in Cumberland County because of its proximity to Northern Virginia, where my grandchildren live, Pittsburgh, where my close family lives and the easy access to many historical and beautiful places to visit in and out of the County. The best way to reach me is by email at dmiller@historicalsociety.com. A favorite historical person that has ties to Cumberland County and my church is Saint Katharine Drexel. I admire her work with the African American and Native peoples and the fact that she gave her Drexel fortune to help others.

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Robert Schwartz
Archives & Library Research Specialist

I am the Archives and Library Research Specialist at CCHS and have worked at CCHS since the summer of 2004.

My favorite aspect of Cumberland County is the long and important military history of the county. The best way to get a hold of me is by calling CCHS at 717-249-7610. One of my favorite historical persons is Robert Fulton, the inventor of the steamboat, because he was a brilliant Renaissance man, who accomplished so much in his short lifetime, and because he is from south-central Pennsylvania. Plus, he has a cool first name!

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Richard Tritt
Archives & Library Photograph Curator

I’ve been involved with CCHS since 1985. I was first a volunteer and then was hired in 1986 to do a photo grant. After retiring from a teaching career, I was hired as Museum/Photo Curator in 1990.

As CCHS grew, I became the full-time Photo Curator. My favorite thing about working here is that you learn something new every day and the staff is like family. The best way to contact me is to call CCHS at 717-249-7610, but email rtritt@historicalsociety.com is fine as well. My favorite historical person is John Choate, the photographer; because I have worked with his photos for so long and think he would have been an interesting individual.

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Blair Williams
Archives & Library Media Specialist

As the Archives and Library Media Specialist I help people share their stories through the Elizabeth V. and George F. Gardner Digital Library (at gardnerlibrary.org) along with overseeing other media initiatives including filming programs.

I have been with CCHS since July 2014 where I have come to truly appreciate the deep connection the community has with its history from the stories of early cabinetmakers like Patrick Culp to the more recent stories shared through the Gardner project. The best way to get a hold of me is via email at blwilliams@historicalsociety.com. And being from Vermont I have always been partial to Calvin Coolidge.

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Lucy Wolf

I serve as CCHS’ Bookkeeper. I was previously the Society’s Receptionist for 10 years. My favorite thing about our county’s history is its diversity.

I grew up in Carlisle as did my mother and I remember hearing about her years living and working here and the many people and places she knew in Cumberland County. My favorite historical person, or people, would be the men and women who served in WWII and all of our veterans. The best way to contact me is via email at lwolf@historicalsociety.com.

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Rachael Zuch
Museum Curator

I am the Museum Curator at CCHS. I started with the Society as an intern in 2004. I love that history is so easy to find in Cumberland County, whether it’s picking something up off the ground or shopping at an antique mall.

The best way to contact me is to email me at rzuch@historicalsociety.com

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