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Do I need to call ahead to visit the Museum, Archives & Library, History Workshop or Shop?

No, during normal business hours you do not need to call ahead. During inclement weather we do suggest you check CCHS’ homepage or facebook page, as we post info about emergency hours there.


Is your Historical Society free?

Yes, our museum, history workshop and galleries are all free and open to the public. No membership is required to visit. Non-CCHS members will need to pay a $5.00 per person fee to use the Archives and Library, but patrons can also sign up for a membership here. We ask that all patrons pay our nominal photocopy fees regardless of membership status.


Will someone be there to help me get started or help me with my research?

Yes! During open hours, we do have staff and volunteers on-hand to help you get started. There is no need to make an appointment. Extensive research will have to be done on your own, but we do have a research request option as well. Remember, we are open Monday nights 4pm-8pm also!  Click here for more information.


Is parking available?

Yes, free parking for patrons and visitors is available on a first-come first-served basis in the parking lot at the rear of CCHS. We have a total of about 30 spots. Metered parking is also available on the street if the Society lot is full. Getting to the lot can be a little tricky. Once on Pitt Street you will need to turn down Dickinson Alley adjacent to the Society’s main building on Pitt Street. It’s a tight squeeze but you will find our lot on the right hand side just after you turn into the Alley. Once parked, remember to check in at the Society’s Visitors Services desk in the front lobby.


How do I request research?

If you live or work in Cumberland County, we suggest you begin your research with us in person. Access to the Archives and Library is free to members but we do have a $5 fee for non-CCHS members. To become a member click here. Research requests can also be submitted by submitting the appropriate forms here.  CCHS cannot entertain unsolicited research requests via email or phone call. Of course, we would love to hear from you, but we cannot do research over the the phone.


Does the Museum offer a guided tour? What about the History Workshop?

Typically, visitors are encouraged to explore on their own in the Museum and History Workshop. We do have volunteers available to answer any questions you might have during your visit. Group tours are available by reaching out to our Curator Rachael Zuch at rzuch@historicalsociety.com.


I think something got mixed up with my contact information. How to I fix this situation?

Send an email to our Programming and Membership Coordinator Lynda Mann at lmann@historicalsociety.com. She can help straighten things out for you. Of course, you can manage your own eblast settings by clicking the button at the bottom of CCHS’ monthly e-newsletters.


Does CCHS offer any options for homeschoolers or for school districts?

Yes! More information about this can be found under the Education tab on the Society’s website or by clicking here. the Society has a robust education package with historical themes that we can offer here at the Society or in local schools. Matthew March our Education Curator can help guide you through this process. He can be emailed at mmarch@historicalsociety.com.


I’m interested in renting the Two Mile House, Todd Hall, the Cumberland Room or CCHS’ new Pocket Park for an event or meeting. What should I do and who should I contact?

First, fill out CCHS’ facility rental inquiry form here. A breakdown of costs will be emailed to you after the online form is completed. After you fill out the form our Historic Properties Coordinator Kurt Lewis will be back in touch with you within two weeks. Kurt can also be contacted via email at klewis@historicalsociety.com.


I would like to donate objects or manuscripts to CCHS. What should I do?

CCHS’ mission mandates that we focus on collections directly related to Cumberland County history. If you feel your object meets this criteria we would love to hear from you! Our curator Rachael Zuch at rzuch@historicalsociety.com will need to present your request to our Museum Committee before the donation can be processed. If you have manuscripts or archival materials contact our Archives and Library Manager Cara Curtis at ccurtis@historicalsociety.com. If you have photos contact our Photograph Curator Richard Tritt at rtritt@historicalsociety.com. Again, these items will also need to be approved by the Archives and Library Committee.


Does the Society have a gift shop? I’m looking for something specific, who should I ask?

The Society’s gift shop, called History on High- The Shop, is located at 33 W. High Street in Carlisle. Parking for History on High is in the same lot used by Museum, Archives and Library off of Dickinson Alley. You can reach out to History on High Shop Manager Kim Laidler at klaidler@historicalsociety.com for specific merchandise questions. We are also always adding items to our online shop.


Is History on High- The Shop affiliated with the Cumberland County Historical Society?

Yes! But more so! Affiliated is a bit of a misnomer.  History on High is the Society’s gift shop. It is not a standalone business or partnership. We do partner however with the Cumberland Valley Visitors Bureau and their visitors center is located in History on High the Shop. Two visitor center parking spaces are also available for patrons utilizing the CVVB visitors center.


I would like to talk to someone about planned giving, a special contribution, or a year-end gift to CCHS. Who should I contact?

Contact our Executive Director Jason Illari by phone at 717-249-7610. He will arrange a time to meet with you in person if you are available. CCHS is grateful for all contributions to help us strengthen our mission and to extend our outreach.


I would like to volunteer at CCHS. What forms do I need to fill out?

CCHS strives to align volunteer opportunities with current Society needs and initiatives. We find this makes volunteering more purposeful and meaningful for all involved. We also find that many volunteers lead busy lives and that a rigid volunteer schedule is not always practical for the volunteer or even CCHS staff. Therefore, keep in mind, that getting started with regular volunteer work at CCHS might take some time and some experimentation for all involved! To help address this challenge, CCHS posts its most urgent and pressing volunteer needs on our Service page and we ask that interested persons first consult and utilize this online form, especially if you are just getting to know CCHS. An email notice is sent to staff when you use the form…don’t worry, we will contact you to set up a time to meet.

If the opportunities listed on the time to sign up calendar don’t seem quite right for you, email us at info@historicalsociety.com and we will put you in touch with an appropriate department to consult about moving forward. In the email, specifically address your interests and also your skills and experience.  Depending on your roll, we will have a simple form for you to fill out at CCHS once we meet. Volunteers working directly with families and children will need to fill out appropriate federal and state child protection forms.


Can I take photos at the Historical Society during my visit or event?

Yes, photos are permitted in our public spaces for noncommercial purposes. We also ask that patrons taking photos respect the privacy of visitors.

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