The Indian Industrial School, Carlisle Pennsylvania 1879-1918

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Linda F. Witmer, Cumberland County Historical Society, 1993, 2000 and 2002

ISBN 0-9638923-0-4 $28.00 166 pages Spiral Bound

“ In broad terms Indian history could be divided into three categories. The early years, encompassing the free period of the Indian people from the beginning to around 1880; the middle transitional years between 1880 to 1940; then the contemporary period, which covers 1940, until today. . .

. . . The story presented in this publication explains the events much better than I ever could, but I do want to address a curious aspect of historical interpretation that can be seen in the Carlisle experience, as well as other associations. “

From the Foreword of this book, by George P. Horse Capture, Sr.; Fort Belknap Indian Reservation, Montana; Former Curator, Buffalo Bill Historical Center




Foreword to Second Edition

Part I: “The Road to Carlisle”

Part II: “The Pratt Years 1879-1904”

Part III: “Changing Philosophies”




  1. “Notes on the Indian School Photographs and Photographers” Richard Tritt, CCHS Photo Curator
  2. “List of Students”
  3. “Indian Chiefs and Visitors”
  4. “Staff and Teachers”



The artwork found in this book was done by Carlisle Indian School students. Photo captions include the title or description of the photo, the date, the source, the photographer and the donor.

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