Cumberland County Register of Historic Places

Union Firehouse
The Cumberland County Historical Society established the Cumberland County Register of Historic Places to identify resources that contribute to the county’s rich and diverse historical and architectural landscape. The program promotes awareness of the county’s architectural heritage, fosters pride in communities, and encourages good stewardship practices.
The Cumberland County Register of Historic Places includes buildings, structures, districts, and sites which, through a professional review process, have been determined to possess sufficient local significance in the history, architecture, and/or culture to deserve recognition. In addition to recognizing the importance of these locations, the Register also increases accessibility to and expands the CCHS’s archives.
How Do Properties Qualify?
Properties must retain certain essential historical architectural qualities and be at least 50 years old.
Categories of Eligibility:
  • Significant Historical Events: The property was the site of an event significant to our county’s history.
  • Significant Historical Persons: The property was associated with people who made a significant contribution to our county’s history.
  • Architectural Significance: The building exhibits and retains architectural details for the time period for which it is nominated
Properties placed on the Cumberland County Register of Historic Places are entitled to display the 10 in. x 7 in. bronze plaque that indicates the location’s listing on the Register. Each plaque shows the year of construction to reflect the history of each location. The plaques are available for an additional fee.
Nomination form available here.
Properties currently listed on CCHS’ County Register of Historic Places

Union Fire Company, Carlisle

Weiss House, Carlisle

Rev. Roy H. Wenger House, Carlisle

George Kline Print Shop, Carlisle

IOOF Building, Carlisle

Weakley / Barnitz Mill, Mt. Holly Springs

Old Line Graveyard, Carlisle

Rockey’s School, Gardners

Mill Owner’s House at Oyster Point

Jonas Rupp House, Mechanicsburg

Hope United Methodist Church, Mechanicsburg

George Snider House and Barn, Carlisle

Daniel Barrick House, Newville

Wilson/Sharp House, Newville

Church of the Brethren, Mechanicsburg

Kohler/Hummel Building, Mechanicsburg

Twin Springs, Boiling Springs

Joshua Myers House, Mechanicsburg

Creekside, Carlisle

Toll Gate Bridge, Newville

Claudy/Avery Farm, Newville

Plough and Sheaf of Wheat Tavern, Newville

The Etter House, Shiremanstown

Mt. Pleasant Farm, Mechanicsburg

Pennsfield, Mechanicsburg

Ramsey House, Carlisle

Baer/Woodburn House, Carlisle

Craighead House, Carlisle

Rev. Joshua Williams House, Carlisle

Stonehurst/McCullough’s Folly, Newville

Letort Lodge, Carlisle

Lefever Farm, Newville

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