Carlisle Journeys:

A biennial conference about the Carlisle Indian Industrial School (1879-1918). The next conference will be held October 7-9, 2016 with a focus on “Celebrating the American Indian Sports Legacy.” The first conference held in October 2014 examined how the Carlisle Industrial School influenced the Entertainment World due to the Carlisle Indian School students who made their way into films, shows, and theaters. The influence and banning of the Wild West Shows was another area explored in the conference as well as presentations from contemporary entertainers who shared their own experiences, including the influence of the Carlisle and other boarding schools, on their craft. More information on Carlisle Journeys is avaliable here.

Access Initiative:

In 2015, CCHS launched its two-part Access to History Initiative highlighted in its 2015-2020 Strategic Plan, available here. Access to History Phase 1 focuses attention on constructing CCHS’ new community-oriented pocket park adjacent to the Society and making the Society campus more open and accessible to visitors through improved wayfinding and signage. Phase 2 will launch in 2020 and involves major renovations to CCHS facilities. We are extremely grateful to all those who gave, and continue to give, toward the Access to History Initiative.  Updates about our various Access to History projects are posted on the CCHS blog from time to time. Thank you to all our contributors!

The Elizabeth V. and George F. Gardner Digital Library:

An initiative of the Cumberland County Historical Society (CCHS). The Gardner Digital Library seeks to further the Society’s goal of collecting, preserving, interpreting, and advance the rich history of Cumberland County through the promotion of its history and stories. At the present the site is composed of both a digital encyclopedia and memory bank.

The Gardner Digital Encyclopedia examines the entire history of the Cumberland County from 19th century artisans and merchants to the histories of boroughs and townships that make it up its current borders. Entries’ provide a list of resources available as well as showcasing some of the Cumberland County Historical Society’s own collections in addition to making connections to other entries and the stories that make up the Memory Bank. The Gardner Digital Memory Bank houses the stories of the individuals and organizations who have contributed to the history of Cumberland County in ways both small and large. From oral histories of locals’ experiences in World War II, serving in local civic organizations, to growing up in Greater Carlisle, the West Shore, or Shippensburg, the Memory Bank is a place where the collected stories of Cumberland County provide a fuller history of the County.

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