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Pile of Trunks - Complete

Thank you!

We made our goal!

Please look forward to the grand opening in the spring of 2018!

Additional contributions can still be made online here.

The Cumberland County Historical Society looks forward to 2017 & 2018 for pending upgrades to several galleries in the museum’s permanent exhibit space.

CCHS is looking forward to 2018 as the year we update the permanent galleries in the museum.  Even though they’re called “permanent,” museums often strive to refresh their exhibits every five to ten years if possible.  Although CCHS has made small changes and added more artifacts since 2005, it’s time to spice things up!  Every gift will fill in a little more color on our “luggage thermometer” until we reach the total goal of $10,000.  Your donations will help determine how much we can accomplish.


Questions?  Contact Executive Director Jason Illari or Curator Rachael Zuch at 717-249-7610. 




Plane Travel

Ray & Robin Fidler
Barbara Lillich
Marjorie & Don Mowery

Mr. Fran Nash
Paul & Pat Strickler


Train Travel

Jane Burke & Bill Souders
Rude & Maude DeFrance
Tita & I. S. Eberly
Patricia Ferris
Jimmie & Rosalie George

Robert G. Hamilton Jr.
Kevin & Connie Hess
Alan & Sherry Kreitzer
Jeff Scott



Trolley Travel

Greg & Mary Abeln
Bruce & Trudy Bailey
Charles K. Bassett
Ann & Tom Benjey
Karen Diener Best
Jon & Jane Black
John Bloom & Amy Farrell
Joan Frey Boytim
Mary Caverly
Shirley & Richard Chamberlain
Col Robert J. Chant Ret
Mary & Alan Duxbury
Skip & Anne Ebert
Don & Ann Franklin
James & Kathy Gates
Garrath Germain
Raphael & Jan Hays
Terry & Marie Hegglin
Mark Hennes
Robert & Alpheretta Highlands
Monk & Betsy Hilliard
Paul & Lois Hoch
Bill Hooke
Linda Mohler Humes
Lawrence & Annette Keener-Farley
Jim & Michelle Lisk

Robert F. Long
John & Karen Lyter
Meredith & Mark McNutt
Frank & Sue Meehan
Denny & Connie Middleton
Joe and Sandy Minnich
Marita Neslund
Debbie Reitzel
Jim & Gwen Robbins
Rebecca S. Roberts
Karl W. Robinson
John Sales & Maggie Renzi
Keith & Kristin Senecal
Delorus Slear
David & Ann Smith
Bill & Pat Solomon
John & Joan Steigleman
Baird & Emma Stuart
Sandra E. Ulsh
Catherine Van Wyck
Anne L. Wade
David and Robyn Wampler
Andre Weltman
Timothy F Whelan & Barbara A Biancone
Dodie Wise




Suzy Aller
Bill & Peggy Bear
Ronald Bookwalter
Marland J. Burckhardt
Alice Cooley
Jim Decoster
Dickinson College History Department
Roberta Graff
G. Hallam
Ann Kramer Hoffer
Bessie Jamieson
Lois H Kielkopf

Laliene McManus
Gwen F. Merolle
James R. Oakes
Ronald Robinson
Nancy Rudy
Dolores M Sheely
June L. Shomaker
Patricia Singley
Kathryn L. Smith
Jean Thompson
Wayne & Kathy Wachsmuth
Terry & Irene Walker
Blair Williams


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