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March 17th -October 22nd 2016
The 1960s in Cumberland County

The sixties were nothing if not a time of change. People of all ages and backgrounds had a sense of vision and opportunity – this decade was America’s best chance to change the world. An appetite for progress mandated a challenge to authority, driven by idealism and ambition. The sixties’ massive impact on global politics and culture naturally bred controversy, and even today brings out critics and defenders.

Given the fact that Cumberland County is home to several colleges, including the Army War College, how did local residents participate in the idealism and turbulence of the 1960s? In this exhibit you will hear the voices and experiences of local people. Listen to what people in the area thought about the Vietnam War, Civil Rights, the Women’s Movement, the Space Race, politics, and world opinion about the U.S.

The exhibit also paints a picture of local 60s culture in the context of our larger national history through the vehicles of story, music, fashion, entertainment and marketing. We are exploring the differing viewpoints of the Generation Gap and take a look at “counter-cultural” activity in Cumberland County. The exhibit will explore county youth culture through experiences like Senior Prom, Friday night cruising, student demonstrations, and community service.

The 1960s in Cumberland County exhibit is walk down memory lane. People who remember the decade can relate their own experiences, and people who don’t can explore the facts and myths of a decade that has become popular on shows like Mad Men. We challenge visitors to think about the ways that we changed (as individuals and as a community) in the county and as a nation over the decade.

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